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Carplan Flat mate


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No more changing a flat-tyre on a busy main road; in the dark, or in a potentially dangerous area. CarPlan Flatmaterepairs the puncture and re-inflates the tyre instantly. Absolutely no tools required. Simply push the easy-to-use, press-on nozzle on to the valve and the can will seal and re-inflate the tyre in seconds! Great if you’re not up to changing a wheel yourself or don’t want to get dirty! Designed only as a get-you-home repair – drive at only moderate speeds after use and get tyre repaired or replaced as soon as practical and convenient. Not suitable for tyres with inner tubes. Only usable for one repair. Saves using your spare, enabling you to keep it “new”! Go from being at side of road looking at deflated tyre, to safely on your way again in only a few minutes. Always keep it in your boot. Suitable for all cars, caravans, trailers motorcycles etc. EXCEPT tyres with tubes – only use with tubeless tyres.

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