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1.5A 6/12V Electronic Maintenance Smart Charger

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1.5A 6/12V electronic maintenance smart charger fully automatic dual volt  perfect for long term maintenance charging and charging of smaller capacity batteries

  • 9 stage charging cycle automatically assesses the battery voltage and condition before re-conditioning, charging and maintaining the battery where required
  • Built in safety features – reverse polarity, short circuit and open circuit detection
  • 1.5m leads with interchangeable insulated crocodile clips and ring terminals
  • Suitable for maintenance charging and smaller battery charging up to 1.2L (1200cc)
  • High frequency charger – does not have a transformer
  • IP65
  • Suitable for stop/start vehicles
  • Compact and robust case
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Battery capacity 1.2Ah – 120Ah (lead acid & AGM)
  • LED indicators showing charging and error status
  • Box quantity – 10
  • Suitable for: golf trolleys, lawn mowers, scooters, motorbikes, cars and caravans